Vestibular Physiotherapy

Have you suffered from dizziness?

This could be the feeling of spinning, being off balance or being sensitive to certain movements or environments. This can often be the result of a condition in your inner ear, known as your vestibular system.

It can be frightening and often difficult to describe! These symptoms can cause external physical and mental distress which may limit your ability to participate in work or even your day-to-day activities. When a condition affects your inner ear, it can lead to anxiety and depression and cause physical symptoms like headaches and pain. You can also experience a loss of balance from an inner ear condition which puts you at risk of falling and further injury!

How can we help?

A vestibular therapist can assess your condition and determine if physiotherapy would be beneficial for you. We can provide treatment for vertigo as a result of BPPV, perform vestibular rehabilitation following an infection or concussion, treat your neck pain and headaches, and provide you with exercises to help with motion sensitivity!

Let us help you return to your regular activities! 

Physiotherapy treatment is often covered under extended health benefits or disability programs and a physician referral is not necessary. 

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