Vestibular Physical Therapists

Kim Weber-B.Sc.P.T. , MSc (Neuroscience)- Oakridge

Kim graduated from University of Western Ontario with a B.Sc.(PT) in 1984. She has worked with Panther Sports Medicine since its inception in 1987. In 1994 she took a continuing education course with Anne Shumway-Cooke, a Phd physio in Portland who was introducing a new area of rehabilitation for vestibular disorders, and began to see vestibular patients in Calgary. To further her interest in this new area she completed an M.Sc.(Neurosciences) in 1997 at UofC with Dr Bill Fletcher.  She continued to practice vestibular rehabilitation at Panther and contribute to the UofC research lab under Dr Bill Fletcher until the startup of the new Neurovestibular Program at the South Health Campus in Calgary in 2012 where she was the program facilitator. Presently she returns to focus on clinical care and mentorship for vestibular rehabilitation at Panther Sports Medicine. She holds advanced certification in vestibular rehabilitation from Emory University.

Stacey Tessier , B.Sc.P.T, CAFCI, CGIMS, Dip Manual Therapy - Country Hills

Stacey graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2000 and has been practicing with Panther Sports Medicine since 2007. She has an extensive background in orthopaedic practice with certifications in Gunn IMS, spinal manipulations and acupuncture and an advanced Diploma in Manual Therapy. She joined Panther Sports Medicine in 2007 becoming the director of Panther's Country Hills location and joined the team at Oakridge in 2012. Stacey has been practicing vestibular rehabilitation since 2009 and received her vestibular rehabilitation certification from Emory University in 2013