What to Expect During Your Vestibular Assessment

It can be scary going to your vestibular assessment especially when many family, friends and medical professionals are telling you that it will make you dizzy. It helps to know what you can expect when you attend the appointment. 

When you attend a vestibular assessment at the Calgary Vertigo and Dizziness Clinic you will be evaluated by an experienced certified vestibular physiotherapist. The assessment will begin with a discussion regarding the history of your condition and any medical concerns you may have. Following that we will begin a physical evaluation of your condition. This will include ensuring we can continue with the evaluation and there are not any concerns that require further investigation by a medical doctor. 

After that we will begin evaluating how your inner ear is functioning. To do this we will evaluate your balance and we will look at your eyes as they react to certain movements. We will use video frenzel goggle to view what your eyes are doing as you move through various positions. We will also look at your balance for walking and other movements and your ability to see things with your head moving. If you have a loss of inner ear function or if you have crystals in your inner ear that have fallen out of place you may in fact become dizzy with this evaluation. However, often we can perform treatment that same day that will alleviate your symptoms. Following our evaluation we will go through our findings with you and discuss various treatment options. Treatment may consist of a maneuver performed in clinic that day, a home exercise program, neck treatment, or discussion on management of your condition. 

A referral is not necessary and we can bill many extended health providers and motor vehicle insurance providers directly for your treatment. Please call or email us to book your appointment or if you have any questions. 

Stacey Tessier, BScPT, CAFCI, CGIMS, Vestibular Certification
Physical Therapist